What’s going on at Hope!

  • If weather conditions are such (snow or severe weather) that church needs to be cancelled please check here, and on Facebook, and on TV.   NO emails will go out!
  • Please remember that the current years bulletins and newsletters are available online.  Bulletins are under the “worship” tab.  Newsletters  are under the “about Hope” tab.

Hope Friends has concluded for fall.  Hope Friends will resume January 8, 2020.   Schedule:-6:00 p.m. Hope Friends meal; -6:30 p.m. Children and youth group; -6:30 p.m. Women’s Bible study; -7:00 p.m. Choir

MEETINGS THIS WEEK (January 19-25)

Tuesday       -7:00 pm Inquiry Class

Wednesday   -6:30 am Men’s Breakfast

@Riverside Café West, 9129 W Central

-6:00 pm Hope Friends meal

-6:30 pm Youth group

-6:30 pm Witness & Outreach Commission

-7:00 pm Choir