Witness & Outreach

The Congregation of Hope Mennonite Church strives to follow Christ’s call to be a people of peace, service and reconciliation.

2022 Flyer

Fall Festival & Peppernut Sale

This annual fund-raising event includes the sale of crafts and food items and the collection of cash donations and canned goods. Peppernuts, the small, crunchy, spiced cookies, are a tradition in German Mennonite culture and a perennial favorite. Other food for sale includes bierocks, chicken noodle soup, and cinnamon rolls and other baked goods. The Festival is held the second Saturday in November every year.

baking peppernuts

Community Involvement

Activities throughout the year give people at Hope the opportunity to serve others. Participating in the CROP Walk to relieve hunger, collecting food and clothing for Operation Holiday, and gathering items for MCC relief kits, and other activities as they come up during the year.

Mennonite Housing and Rehabilitation Service

Members of Hope Mennonite Church sit on the board of MHRS and work with staff to help fulfill their mission of providing decent, affordable housing to people in need.

Mid-Kansas Mennonite Relief Sale T-shirt Booth

Hope Mennonite Church raises money for Mennonite Central Committee relief projects by sponsoring a booth to sell T-shirts, sweatshirts and other products at the MCC relief sale in Hutchinson in April. More than 70 Mennonite, Brethren in Christ, and Amish congregations in Kansas donate their gifts and services for this annual festival and benefit auction.

Mennonite Disaster Service

When disaster strikes, MDS is there to clean up, repair and rebuild. Through this work we touch lives and help people regain faith and wholeness. MDS volunteers serve without pay and work in cooperation with the various government agencies and other volunteer disaster service organizations. Besides providing relief for local disasters, Hope members have taken MDS assignments around the U.S. Special emphasis is placed on helping those least able to help themselves, such as the elderly, impoverished and disabled.

Tying quilts for MCC

Mennonite Voluntary Service

Rooted in the spirit of Jesus, Mennonite Voluntary Service encourages people from a variety of backgrounds to join together in Christian service. MVS workers represent a variety of ages and include families, young people fresh out of college, married couples and retirees.

Representation in Mennonite Organizations

  • Camp Mennoscah
  • Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) and the MCC Relief Sale
  • Mennonite Disaster Service
  • Mennonite Economic Development Associates
  • Mennonite Housing and Rehabilitation Services
  • Mennonite Mutual Aid
  • Mennonite Voluntary Service Committee
  • Western District Conference

Hope at work in other community organizations:

  • Humankind Ministries
  • Family Promise
  • Hope Home-transitional housing for families graduating from Family Promise.