Update February 2023-Pastor Randy Quinn

Pastor Randy Quinn is our interim pastor through June 2024, or until we call a new pastor. Randy comes to us after being a United Methodist pastor. He retired from West Heights United Methodist in 2020. We are very thankful for his willingness to come and minister to us here at Hope. He will have an extended vacation time during July and August of this year, and will return in September.

Our pastor Dave Stevens passed away tragically September 4. Below is short statement from the Stevens family and his obituary is below.

Pastor Dave
Pastor Dave Stevens

**Here also is a brief statement from the family.

Around 8:40 am September 3, 2022 Dave was biking down 109th like he did almost every Saturday.  He had the proper biking safety gear.  He was hit by a car.  It was not a hit and run. There were witnesses that saw the accident and were present with him until he was taken to the hospital. He died with his beloved family with him at 2:17 am Sunday morning, September 4.

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